Marla Kris—Nail Niche Influencer & Domestic Violence Advocate


Marla Kris

Can you share with us why did you become a nail niche influencer? 


To hopefully help other DIY nail artists in the nail community.


Can you share with us what's your favorite nail type (Nail polish, DIP nails or others) and nail shape? 


Definitely dip nails


Can you share where you get your inspiration for your nail art? 


To hopefully help other DIY nail artists in the nail community.


Do you mind sharing some of the nail influencers/Youtubers that you admire?


Some that have helped and inspired me along my nail journey are Young Nails, Simply Nailogical, Naio Nails, and Nailcou.


What are your hobbies other than doing nails? 


Volunteering at the local humane society and the local domestic violence shelter.


Can you share what you do for a living?


Full time content creator on YouTube and certified domestic violence advocate. Be graduating college next month (May) with my BS in behavioral science and human services.


How do you keep your passion? 


Self-care. Lots of it. And doing what I love. If you love what you do, it’s never really “working”


Can you share your favorite quote with us? 


“Weirdness is simply a side effect of being awesome” - Bill Murray.

This is why I refer to my followers and subscribers as “weirdos”. Because of their pure awesomeness.

Here are some of Marla Kris Nail Arts 
Marla Kris Nail 2
Marla Kris Nail 2
Marla Kris Nail 3
Marla Kris Nail 4
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Marla's Review of Bohemian Glass Nail File: 

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