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Can you share with us why did you become a nail niche influencer? 

Doing nail started off as a hobby for me as a way to express my creativity.

Can you share with us what's your favorite nail type (Nail polish, DIP nails or others) and nail shape? 

I love working with gel polish. My favorite nail shape is almond shape.

Can you share where you get your inspiration for your nail art? 

My inspirations come from nature (looking at colors, shapes and patterns). As well as watching animated shows or movies like Sailor Moon or Disney Pixar Movies.

Do you mind sharing some of the nail influencers/Youtubers that you admire?

THERE’S SO MANY! @rosebnails @nailjob @sohotrightnail @nailthoughts @glosshouse @amyle.nails @sassnailartistry. My list can go on and on but those are many of the ones that I admire.

What are your hobbies other than doing nails? 

I LOVE discovering new restaurants and trying new foods! I would say I’m a HUGE FOODIE! And also a BOBA LOVER! I love to sing karaoke too (even though my voice isn’t like Mariah Carey).

Can you share what you do for a living?

I’m a Nail Artist and Content Creator.

How do you keep your passion? 

I like being around my family and close friends. I feel like whenever I’m around them, they give me so much love and support on anything I set my mind to in life. They make me feel motivated whenever I get frustrated. Also, I like to write down the things I need to get done so I stay on track with my life. I try to keep my passion alive by taking a break to find my happy place. Sometimes I feel like I work a lot that I forget to give myself a break. So giving myself a break from time to time helps me recharge my passion.

Can you share your favorite quote with us? 

Never forget your value.
Here are some of Rice Kitty Nail Arts 
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