Light Blue Pedicure Glass File
Light Blue Pedicure Glass File
Light Blue Pedicure Glass File
Light Blue Pedicure Glass File
Light Blue Pedicure Glass File
Light Blue Pedicure Glass File

Light Blue Pedicure Glass File

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Please note: 

*We ship out random similar color and design as product photos and video. 

*Each pedicure file size: width: 1.37 inches (3.5cm) , length: 2.56 inches  (6.5 cm)

Our Bohemian Pedicure File exfoliated your rough and tough calluses in the most gentle, effortless, and healthy way into snow like powder with simply damp feet. Your feet will be soft like baby’s. We only use certified Swarovski crystals, instead of cheap fake crystals in the market. Each of our Bohemian pedicure files are designed, hand-crafted by our artisan with hand-painted floral design. Czech republic glass is durable that it will never wear out. They are easy to keep clean by washing it with water and soap. Bohemian pedicure file will be the last investment you will get for your pedicure tools. They are unique, special and beautiful. You deserve the best! 


Durable tempered glass: 

Our durable and tempered pedicure file is made with the best material from the Czech Republic as it is a country renowned for the best quality crystal in the world! 


 All our pedicure files are double-sided, which means that one side is rougher than the other. One side to exfoliate your softer skin, and the other is to exfoliate your tougher dead skin on your feet.

Effortless & Health: 

Unlike traditional cheese grater pedicure tools which might scratch your feet, tear apart your skin. Bohemian pedicure files exfoliate your rough skin effortlessly. It is so gentle that your tough and dead skin on your feet would come off like snow-like powder!  

Hygienic & Easy to Clean:

All you need is water and soap to wash all “Bohemian glass nail files” products including our pedicure files. The property of glass is made to last long, and they will be reborn as new every time you wash it. Czech glass is made out of non-porous glass, so germs will not stay on it. It is hygienic and easy to clean. 

Lifetime investment:

We use imported Czech glass for all our products. Bohemian pedicure files that will never wear out. And you can use it for years as long as you don’t drop it on the hard floor to break it. 

Hand-crafted & Hand-painted Floral Design with Swarovski Crystals 

Bohemian pedicure files are all hand-crafted individually with colors. They are also hand-painted by our European designers. Each design is unique so you can’t find the same exact one anywhere else! 

Swarovski crystals:

We only use certified Swarovski Crystals on our products, not the cheap and bad quality crystals. Swarovski crystals are extra shiny and stunning than normal crystals. You can see the difference in person, unfortunately, not from the photos. 

Practical and unique gift:

Spend a bit more money on a good gift that never wears out. It will be one of your best investments! Get yourself one, get your girlfriends one, get your mom and your mother-in-law one. As our founder says, “all women deserve the best to pamper themselves”.


Made in Czech republic & Free plastic case:

All our Bohemian files are made in Czech republic. Each file comes in an individual free case. Manicures files in velvet case, pedicure files in plastic case. They are easy to store and carry around. 

First-Class Shipping from the USA, California:

We ship out products in 1 day from California, USA with USPS First-class package. You should be receiving your order in 1 to 5 days, no later than a week. 


The size of each pedicure file is 6.3 inches long and 0.32 inches thick.